Edge Games

Providing Edge Network connectivity and custom game services for Social Media Influencers.


  • Providers

    We utilize many different providers on our network from AWS, Azure , Digital Ocean Spaces, Cloudwatch.

  • Network Design

    All of our internal networks are designed by us and are ran virutally, on the providers nextworks. We also use

  • SLA

    We work towards an SLA of 99.95% durng each month to our customers.

  • DDoS Protection

    While we have methods in place to prevent and midigate an DDoS, we do use a third party provider for filtering out such attacks.

Who we are?

We make great things

Edge Games, is one of the worlds first software provider and hosting provider that truly allows social media influencers to be worry free about the backend systems and allows them to focus on there fans while streaming live.